Move through the loan process without delays.

Our convictions toward underwriting are to produce common sense and solution-oriented results while achieving consistency and predictability wherever possible. The result? Swiftly moving your agents and clients through the loan process with minimal delays or headaches.


Efficiency is key.

With industry natives as our key visionaries and the majority of our staff position in support, your success is our priority. Assigned underwriting teams and our closing technology take the hassle out of originating so you can focus on what you do best, growing your business.

Closing Calendars

30-day close calendars complete with originating, processing, underwriting and closing SLAs.

Dedicated Underwriting

Designated underwriting team that offer tailored solutions to our branches in record-time.


Reduced layers and underwriting accessibility is key to helping you gain more business and close more deals.

Faster Transaction Times

SLIM close and Pre-Funding potential, allowing for faster, more accurate and seamless closing transactions.


On time and as agreed.

We maintain a strong model by managing to a 30-day close but we grow by being about to consistently close in 12-15 days.

Assigned underwriting teams give you the ability to pick up the phone and reach out to your designated underwriter at any time, making a 2-week problem anywhere else a 20-minute solution here at InterLinc. Our “on time and agreed” commitments to our borrowers and referral partners:

  • Pre-qualifications issued within 8 business hours
  • Underwriting decision within 3 business days from receiving a complete file
  • Closing docs out by 2nd business day upon final approval


Save time, avoid delays.

Using SLIM Close, our online closing technology, you will deliver faster, more accurate and seamless closing transactions. All in a few short steps, borrowers can review their entire loan package online and eSign many of their closing documents. Pre-funding is also exercised on all eligible loan files, sending the funding notice to the closing agent no later than the next morning.