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Creating opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally.

At InterLinc, our culture is authentically cultivated, actions are intentional and obstacles are met with resilience and resolve. We believe working in a supportive and fun atmosphere organically creates an engaging environment where relationships and teamwork flourish. We consciously position ourselves to be an agile organization, allowing us to adapt to market changes and opportunities. Through innovation and collaboration, we’re able to achieve effective solutions that satisfy the collective dedication to excellence. 


The core of our business is our community.

Giving Back - InterLinc Family Foundation

Our driving force is the belief that giving back is an integral part of doing great work. This is why we extend our support to our branches, employees and their communities. Through charitable contributions and volunteer efforts, the InterLinc Family Foundation has been able to create meaningful and long-lasting changes in the lives of many.  

Authentic Relationships - Employee Connections

We recognize that work extends beyond a paycheck—it’s about forging connections and fostering a sense of belonging. All are invited into an atmosphere where collaboration thrives and camaraderie flourishes. We are committed to keeping these connections alive, which is why we continue to host corporate events throughout the year. Through intentional, companywide interactions, relationships are formed, nurtured, and deepened.  

Recognition - Circle of Excellence

We recognize that our growth is attributed to the exceptional performance of our talented producers. To pay tribute, InterLinc has formed the “Circle of Excellence,” an elite group of top performers that provides members the opportunity to benefit from networking with the best in the industry. Members are also treated to an annual, all-expenses-paid luxury vacation with a guest of their choosing. 

Skill Building - Production Summit

At InterLinc, we are committed to the growth and innovation of our sales teams. That’s why we organize the Mid-Year Production Summit, where producers gather for the opportunity to be coached by top industry experts who deliver necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in today’s market. Through interactive learning, producers will gain effective solutions to boost new business and better serve the needs of their existing borrowers and referral partners. 

High Performers - Continued Growth

There is no place like InterLinc. We’re committed to giving you all the support you need to succeed. By backing you, your business, and your aspirations, you have the opportunity to surpass even your highest expectations. As highlighted in the 2024 Scotsman Guide, InterLinc Originators closed & funded on average $20.8 million per year. The results show that we provide all the tools necessary; all you need is the determination to win.  


Benefits that prioritize health and well-being.

Health, security and well-being at InterLinc are not afterthoughts.

Competitive benefits and resources are available to all full-time associates.

Insurance Plans

Choose medical, dental and vision plans that suit your needs following 30 days of employment.

Supplemental Insurance

Add-on additional benefits in the form of identify theft insurance, legal assistance and pet insurance.

Community Service

The InterLinc Family Foundation offers associates the ability to apply for a grant toward hundreds of eligible 501(c)(3) organizations across the nation.

401k Retirement Plan

All full-time employees are eligible to contribute and are auto-enrolled on the first month after 90 days of employment.

Assistance Program

Access licensed counselors to receive help, immediate support and guidance through life’s challenges.

Mortgage Discounts

Lender-associated fees are waived for any home loan obtained through InterLinc.


Why Top Loan Originators
Are Joining InterLinc

Three values from InterLinc, straight from the top.

Continuous Growth and Innovation.

Goals aren’t meant to be easy at InterLinc. With each met milestone, we reposition ourselves for greater success and larger impact.

Transparent Communication.

Where many organizations have regional layers, limited 1-1 availability or a reactive business structure, we take proactive measures to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Invest in People Always.

Great companies are built by great people. We work dilligently to add the right members to our crew and are committed to producing a successful launch.


See why our crew loves it here.

Hear from our very own about why they choose to make InterLinc their home.

Lisa Shockey

Lisa Shockey

I am proud to work for InterLinc Mortgage. It's easy to do your job when you love where you work. We have the best team of people to work with daily! Our operations department is hands down the best around—allowing us to always keep our clients and business partners up to date and close on time! When your company helps you provide excellent service and products, the outcome is unmatchable: raving, happy clients and employees!

Stephanie Phelps

Stephanie Phelps

I have worked for InterLinc for over 6 years now, and I feel like I love my job more and more each year. I have learned so much from everyone I work with. I really love that we work together as a team and we learn from each other. I love that every year we have our Annual Rally and are able to see everyone we work with face-to-face. Being a remote employee can sometimes make you feel isolated and not a part of anything, but I feel like this company goes out of its way to make everyone feel included and important. I look forward to many more years with this company.

Bob Schmuckie

Bob Schmuckie

InterLinc is the place to work because it is more than just work, it's family. What we do is important to people and helps them with one of the largest financial decisions they will make in their lives. To be able to help people with this and provide them with piece of mind is very rewarding in itself, but when you get to do it at a company that believes that its employees are the most important asset and empowers people to make decisions and collaborate to get things done accurately and efficiently, you have a recipe for an outstanding work environment! InterLinc is simply a great company that is made of great people and I am proud to say I am part of it!

Brenda Hite

Brenda Hite

I absolutely love the leadership and culture InterLinc provides to the employees. The energy brought to the table by upper management is unmeasurable and carries over to the employees and they know how to incorporate just the right amount of fun. I credit my growth at InterLinc to the excellent support and leadership I receive from senior management. They share with us what we “need” to hear not what we “want” to hear. They care about their employees and this makes all the difference in how an individual feels.

Benito Solis

Benito Solis

“The reason most people fail instead of succeed is the trade what they want most for what they want at the moment.” —Unknown

InterLinc and I chose each other because our goals were on the same path. Mix that with the family atmosphere you can’t go wrong.

Ebony Crowe

Ebony Crowe

What I love most about working at InterLinc is that everyone is like family. I always tell people when they ask about our company that it’s one big family, whether local or in another state. When I first joined InterLinc in April 2015, I had no mortgage experience whatsoever. I started off handling the intake and uploading of our closing packages in the Post Closing department and now I’m the manager of the Post Closing department. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow here at InterLinc, which is such a blessing. No better place to work!

Paul Knopf

Paul Knopf

InterLinc has provided me the leadership, roadmap, and operational support that has launched my production to levels I never thought was possible, allowing me to deliver a consistent, exceptional loan process to my clients and referral partners!