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No overlays... No excuses... No issues...

On Time and As Agreed is more than just our company’s motto; it’s what sets the gold standard for our processes, ensuring we consistently deliver excellence in everything we do.  


No Overlays

“We’re in the business of closing loans, not complicating them.” 

At InterLinc, we embrace a “can-do” attitude, striving to simplify the loan process by removing overlays and prioritizing what truly counts: helping your clients secure the funding they need. If a loan meets agency guidelines, we’re all in on getting your loan approved and funded. Our commitment to closing sellable transactions is the core of what we do; in-house, common-sense, guidelinedriven underwriting is how we deliver month after month.  


No excuses

Two-week issues at other companies are twenty-minute solutions here at InterLinc. 

We hire for culture and train for details. Our operational mentality is one of natural urgency regardless of the unique circumstances. We ensure the process continues to run on time, with challenges addressed promptly. Communication and solution-based problem solving by our decision makers in each department is a trait that we don’t just encourage, but we require.  


No Issues

Where your closings are celebrations, not surprise parties.  

It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish, and we finish well. Through proactive attention to detail, the closing department gives loan originators the confidence to trust the experience of their customer, referral partner, and closing agent will be on time and accurate. Regardless of the task at hand, the InterLinc closing department always delivers. Using our hybrid close and ability to pre-fund the transactions, we provide fast, accurate, and efficiently smooth closings.  


See why our crew loves it here.

Hear from our very own about why they choose to make InterLinc their home.

Lisa Shockey

Lisa Shockey

I am proud to work for Interlinc Mortgage. It is easy to do your job when you love where you work….. we have the best team of people to work with daily! Our operations department is hands down the best around – allowing us to always keep our clients and business partners up to date and close on time! When your company helps you provide excellent service and products – the outcome is unmatchable – raving, happy clients and employees!

Bob Schmuckie

Bob Schmuckie

Interlinc is the place to work because it is more than just work, it is a family. What we do is important to people and helps them with one of the largest financial decisions they will make in their lives. To be able to help people with this and provide them with piece of mind is very rewarding in itself, but when you get to do it at a company that believes that its employees are the most important asset and empowers people to make decisions and collaborate to get things done accurately and efficiently, you have a recipe for an outstanding work environment! Interlinc is simply a great company that is made of great people and I am proud to say I am part of it!

Benito Solis

Benito Solis

Interlinc and I chose each other because our goals whereon the same path, that mixed with Family atmosphere you can’t go wrong.

Art Aguilar

Art Aguilar

A lot of great things about Interlinc, but by far our closing department is the BEST in the business!!!!!!!

Paul Knopf

Paul Knopf

Interlinc has provided me the leadership, roadmap, and operational support that has launched my production to levels I never thought was possible, allowing me to deliver a consistent, exceptional loan process to my clients and referral partners!