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Unmatched & Authentically Created

Our goal isn't to be the biggest mortgage company.

Our goal is to provide the best comprehensive support and technology advancements to empower our Loan Originators to reach production milestones they would not receive at other companies. This is only made possible by aligning our leadership team with our goal and vision.

We have a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Stellar customer service ratings don’t happen without work, and our team works hard to maintain that reputation.

We have 35+ locations across the United States.

Strategic, scalable growth is our goal. We shoot for the stars and recruit those we know will help InterLinc reach new heights.

We’ve helped over 74k families buy a home.

A serious investment requires a dedicated crew. We’re committed to helping customers navigate their mortgage journey.

“The name of our company, InterLinc, is just what it denotes. We believe in interconnected links and are committed to our builders, Realtors and other partners who make homeownership possible. Since 2007, InterLinc has assisted more than 74,000 homeowners in realizing their dream of homeownership.

– Gene Thompson / President & CEO