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The Employee Rally

We believe in honoring our employees and embodying top talent which is why we host our annual “Employee Rally”. This live event unites every member of our organization, from administrative assistants to top-tier executives and recognizes achievements based on tenure, customer satisfaction, character, production accomplishments and operational excellence.



Making it to the prestigious ranks of InterLinc’s “Circle of Excellence” takes a lot of unwavering commitment and determination. To show our appreciation, we reward these highly dedicated employees with an annual “Production Trip”, an all-expense paid luxury getaway where qualified members and their guests can unwind and commemorate the year’s successes together.

Qualification Criteria:

Branch Managers: $50M in branch volume

Loan Originators: $18M or 120 units


Production Summit

Our annual Production Summit empowers the InterLinc sales force to become a powerhouse of motivation, igniting growth and promoting innovation. Through engaging learning experiences, loan originators are led to expand their knowledge, sharpen existing skills and challenge current processes to adapt to today’s market delivering maximum results.


The InterLinc Family Foundation Gala

The annual “InterLinc Family Foundation Gala” has become a signature company event that demonstrates elegance, entertainment and philanthropy. Employees, business partners and their guests dress up based on the event’s theme and enjoy a night of fine dining, drinks, auctions and showcasing their dancing abilities.

“It’s the 2 days of the year that we 100% know that the entire company is on the same page seeing the same vision.” – Gene Thompson, President & CEO


See why our crew loves it here.

Hear from our very own about why they choose to make InterLinc their home.

Lisa Shockey

Lisa Shockey

I am proud to work for Interlinc Mortgage. It is easy to do your job when you love where you work….. we have the best team of people to work with daily! Our operations department is hands down the best around – allowing us to always keep our clients and business partners up to date and close on time! When your company helps you provide excellent service and products – the outcome is unmatchable – raving, happy clients and employees!

Bob Schmuckie

Bob Schmuckie

Interlinc is the place to work because it is more than just work, it is a family. What we do is important to people and helps them with one of the largest financial decisions they will make in their lives. To be able to help people with this and provide them with piece of mind is very rewarding in itself, but when you get to do it at a company that believes that its employees are the most important asset and empowers people to make decisions and collaborate to get things done accurately and efficiently, you have a recipe for an outstanding work environment! Interlinc is simply a great company that is made of great people and I am proud to say I am part of it!

Benito Solis

Benito Solis

“ The reason most people fail instead of succeed is the trade what they want most for what they want at the moment” – unknown

Interlinc and I chose each other because our goals whereon the same path, that mixed with Family atmosphere you can’t go wrong.

Paul Knopf

Paul Knopf

Interlinc has provided me the leadership, roadmap, and operational support that has launched my production to levels I never thought was possible, allowing me to deliver a consistent, exceptional loan process to my clients and referral partners!